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[pct-l] So Cal PCT Comments & Revisions

Well, we're well into the annual SoCal PCT hiking season, so I am starting
to get the usual (mostly helpful) mail from trailers, concerning errors,
omissions and updates to the PCT south of the Sierra.

 Let me thank all of you, in advance, for the input and details that have
made our Wilderness Press PCT guidebooks a success. Do not hesitate to
contact me concerning any detail of the books-- I will forward it to the
relevant author.

However, since I know all of you are busy and hiking hard, and that your
email electrons and postage stamps are expensive, allow me to note the
following comments that have been made by MANY DOZENS  of hikers, so that
YOU DON'T HAVE TO: (not necessarily in order)(I promise corrections in the
next edition...):

1. There is too much discussion of flowers, rocks, trees and the view.
2. There is not enough discussion of flowers, rocks, trees and the view.
3. Pictures are a waste of space-- I can see it when I get there.
4. The book is too heavy.
5. The pages stick together after they (get rained on/fall in the creek),
and I can't read the maps.
6. I can't read the maps-- they will be easier to read if you leave off all
the little lines.
7. I can't read the maps.
8. The sign wasn't there when I got there, and I went the wrong way. (Hey,
I check all of these out-- it is only true about 10% of the time.)
9. Put up more signs
10. It is too confusing when the trail crosses the road-- I got lost.
11. There is too much brush, and it scratched my legs.
12. There are ticks.
13. There are foxtails.
14. There are snakes.
15. I got blisters.
16. There was snow on Fuller Ridge (funny... there always is in April...)
17. It was too hot in the San Felipe Hills, especially in (June, July,
August, September, October).
18. There wasn't water in the "spring-flowing creeklet" when I got there in
(June, July, August, September, October).
19. There was water in the dry ravine when I got there in an April deluge.
20. There was (wasn't) water at Barrell Spring when I got there.
21. Jack Fair is a great guy-- he drove me to Lancaster, and fed me, and
gave me beer. I repaid him by running his hose all night and wasting his
water, and leaving garbage on his lawn.
22. The post office at Agua Dulce has changed locations.
23. The "nice campsite" sucked.

Thanks again, I hope this helps-- keep those cards and letter coming!
Ben Schifrin
Wilderness Press
2440 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
510 843-8080
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