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[pct-l] sad news from Lone Pine

I would far rather lurk than be the one who brings this news.  A thru hiker suffered a fatal fall from a high pass on a side trail near Lone Pine over this past weekend.  Today,  those early thru hikers which have met and passed each other on the trail over the past weeks met with his family and friends to attempt understanding.  A dozen and more hikers and trail supporters are still there in Lone Pine trying to sort things out.  I am sorry not to give more details, but hope to post more tomorrow when i can.  Those reading this should note that last week's snow made hiking in the area far more challenging.  The trail was often snow covered and hard to follow.  The Pacific Ocean is colder than normal this year, and meteorologists say that spring conditions may extend into the summer.  Please for your own sake carry an ice axe, watch where you put your feet, set up camp early, and take care.
I apologize for  my lack of eloquence and for the lack of detail which I am not willing to provide until they are accurate.