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[pct-l] Northwest Snow

Yes, I clearly misread this.  A crew of 10 did brushing and
tread maintenance near Ramona Falls (3400') and we found only 
a couple snow globs by the Sandy River.

Hey Craig, you interested in doing trail maintenance on the 
PCT?  If so, contact me off line.


>>>I just heard a short clip on NPR this morning. They were
>>>reporting from Mt Bachelor in Oregon, and the word was
>>>that there's still 21 feet of snow yet due to the cold
>>>spring, and they expect to be open until July 4th....
>>>Many summer roads in the area will also be opening late.
>>No way.  The snow has been hell this season and all our
>>projects above 1000' have had to be rescheduled, but there
>>is no way we're going to get 21 more feet of snow this
>I think this might have been misread possibly?  I think he meant there is
>"still 21 feet of snow" because of the cold spring we had.  Actually it was
>sunny today in Portland.  I was quite confused by that bright shiny thing
>in the sky.  Then again, those San Diego folk have to put up with
>chlorophyll-challenged weeds on the sides of their roads, so maybe Portland
>weather isn't all that bad. :)

Steve Queen
Mount Hood Area Coordinator
Pacific Crest Trail Association

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