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[pct-l] Sprint and Burn equals stress and medications

I don't know much about Guardia or medications but I did notice that many, many
thruhikers were going very far, very fast this year. I remarked then as I do now
that 7 miles a day for the first two weeks, 10 miles a day for the second two
weeks etc would get most people down the trail faster than the "Sprint and burn"
mentality that many have.

Several thruhikers have mentioned being "at peace" with the trail as opposed "to
visiting" {as a short term hiker presumably does} but that is not what I've seen
this year. Maybe this comes later in the hike.

Almost all thruhikers say it is a mental test not a physical test.

If you are a 5'-4" 50 year old woman you should not expect to hike the way 6'-8"
Greg Hummel hiked 20 years ago.

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