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He*lp for Team on Fire needed

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Update on Team on Fire (Talus (Jen) and Scree (Mike)): On the second day
out of Big Bear City, Jen had to drop out for a few days due to a leg
muscle injury.  Mike has gone on to Agua
Dulce and expects to be there Friday or Saturday.  Jen is looking for
transportation from the Fire House in Big Bear City to Agua Dulce to get
Her there on Friday or Saturday early.  Can anyone h*elp?  Direct response
to jackp@his.com or stop by the BBC Fire House.

FYI:  I (Mike's Dad) hiked with Team on Fire from Campo (May 10th) to Big
Bear City (May 21) but only had two weeks off vice their time to do the
entire PCT.  Maybe some other year!  Great hike and sorry not to be on the
trail with all the great folks we met.  Special thanks to Bob
Riess for his assistance picking us up at San Diego airport, putting us up
for the night and delivering us to the trailhead the next morning.  Per our
request, Bob even purchased a can of fuel for our start.  A really special
Jack Perry
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