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[pct-l] flames

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999 12:43:02 -0700 "Joanne Lennox" <goforth@cio.net>
posted to the pct-l:
>Well, one of the alter egos should be showing up any minute to rescue 
>the poor damsel
>Most of us have enough intellectual honesty, emotional maturity, and
>courage to voice our own opinions without having various false fronts 
>to bolster our opinions and attack others [snip]

  Joanne, that's a _dreadful_ thing to say! You know quite well I don't
deserve a word of it - I doubt if anyone would, actually. What on earth
possesed you to post such things about me? Surely my offering an
alternate, politely-worded POV about hosepacking can't be grounds for
such a vicious speech.

   I apologize for my responding to this publicly - I'm totally freaked
by my post's "reception", I guess. I hope people will refer to the
Archives and read it again, and see for themselves if they think these
attacks are warranted. I was/am not "putting on a false front" or
attacking anyone, but sharing the experiences and information I had, as I
believed we all have the right to do on this list.

    It seems I'm left with a dilemma: do I spare the list this
unpleasantness and refrain from posting - leaving only one set of
opinions (by one group of posters) to stand as The Final and Only Word on
the pct-l? Or do I honor the First Amendment (boy do I hate to drag
_that_ argument out of mothballs <G>), and try to ignore the ganging-up?
Comments more-than-appreciated; private e-mails will not be quoted,
naturally...     bj

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