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[pct-l] Fwd: Margo Update

In a message dated 4/26/99 9:38:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Margo (PCTcoach) 

<< Hi Charlie,
 Could you let the list know that I am in San Diego for a couple of days 
letting two badly mangled little toes heal before I return to Mt. Laguna to 
continue on. Had a great 3 + day walk with Jason and Dana, another Jason, 
running into Mary and Michael in Mt. Laguna. Delightful camaraderie. Snow and 
lightning on the afternoon and evening of the 23rd. Slept in a gorgeous 
meadow just before Morris Ranch Road, protected by Jefferson pines above and 
their soft needles below. A marvelous journey despite intense pain in my feet 
the last couple of days. Healing nicely, and I will be on my way tomorrow 
(the 27th) or Wednesday (the 28th). Afraid that I will miss Sly and Snoop who 
started the 24th and will bypass where I would have been and am not :-). 
Sorry to miss them. Am grateful to have my best friend to stay with in SD 
rather than being on my own. Patience is indicated for now. Then off I'll go, 
a few days behind schedule but no less enthralled to be on the trail.
 Thanks for passing this along, Charlie.
 Namaste, Margo  >>

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