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[pct-l] Scissors Crossing Water Stash Update


For those of you who have not yet reached Scissors Crossing ...

I resupplied the water stash at Scissors Crossing on Sunday, April 25. 
Because of problems experienced in the past week or so, this water stash will 
only consist of gallon jugs of Vons water (no container; no more small 
bottles here). Additionally, the jugs are chained (yes; chained) to prevent 
their removal by "persons unknown." I'm sorry, but even PCT Hikers will need 
to refill their own bottles from the jugs. 

If you haven't started hiking yet (or if you are supporting someone who has 
not yet reached Scissors Crossing), bring an extra water bottle if you want 
to enter the San Felipe Hills with extra water. (A Gatorade bottle makes an 
inexpensive extra water bottle.)

Speaking of San Felipe Hills, I have reason to believe that the water stash 
by the 3rd gate may have been depleted. If you hike through the hills BEFORE 
May 2, you cannot rely on water being available there. We will resupply that 
stash on May 2.

Because of the problems recently experienced near the Cottonwood Tree at 
Scissors Crossing, we no longer provide small bottles of water there. But, we 
have stashed twelve 1.5-liter bottles of Sparkletts water south of Highway 78 
near the gate where the PCT crosses Highway S 2. The bottles are about 10 
yards south of the gate (6-8 feet west of the PCT) under a small juniper 
tree. If you need an extra bottle, take one of these. We do not refill the 
bottles. FYI, if you carry a platypus water bottle, the SportsTop from the 
Sparkletts water bottles fits on a platypus. Several hikers on the trail are 
already using them.
We tried to place the smaller bottles so they would not be too visible from 
the road, but could still be seen by hikers on the trail. There is a rock 
"duck" by the trail to mark the point. (We decided to place the bottles 
BEFORE Scissors Crossing so hikers would know about them before they plan the 
amount of water they intend to carry away from Scissors Crossing.)

Enjoy your hike,
Charlie Jones

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