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[pct-l] Surprise packages

Now that most of the 99 thru hikers have hit the trail, I would like to
solicit everyone for more "surprise package" helpers.  
I have over 15 hikers that would like to receive surprise packages and my
list for "senders" is less than that.  I would like all the hikers to receive
at least one package.  

Some rah rah.....
A package with some homemade cookies, chapstick, funny post card, information
on other 99 hikers off the list, or candybar will really make a difference to
our fellow list members.  A package including postage could be less than $5! 

If you have already emailed to be added to the "sender" list, "THANKS!"  If
you would like to be added, please email me at LaurelM@evs-eco.com.

Let's support our hikers!  
Thanks in advance,


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