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Re: [pct-l] Bears aren't the problem people are.

In Paul Nickodem most recent post to the list, he publically replied to my private post (which doesnt' bother me any) but he did not mark MY text differently than his reply, so the post is rather confusing. (at least I was confused)

 All the stuff before the "I'm sure Brick ......" was my original reply to him.

the following is my answer to the points in his most recent post

>  I'm sure Brick that in the lower 48 there may seem to be a large amount of
>bears but compared to Alaska there isn't.  

In total numbers, yes, (Alaska is a BIG place)
but in bears per square mile along the trail in the Sierra, absolutlely not.

>The only reason they have a
>problem on the trail is due to people being stupid!  Problem bears are only
>created by people, not the  bears themselves.

I agree.

>If people going out in Bear country would just get a ounce of education on
>how to store food and to react in a bear encounter they wouldn't have any

Actually just storing food would work down here. The only encounters are bears trying to get food. All the currenty worry is because the "counter-ballence hang" method is being oficially scrapped, and the only two official "acceptable" methods are portable bear canisters and fixed "bear boxes" in campsites.

>  People who go into the wilds uneducated
>shouldn't hold the wilds responsible for their own stupidity.

I agree. We just have beautiful bear infested mountains a couple hours drive from america's largest urban area full of stooooopid people. The problem is that "habituated" bears get shot, so the wilds ARE held responsible for the stupidity of the city folks.

"I survived the First ADZPCTKO"

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