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Re: Wanderlust (from Kurt)

This is brief. On top of the goings on here, I found out yesterday that my
mother has osteoporosis, and then my girlfriend of two and a half years
broke up with me yesterday afternoon. So I'm afraid that I'm not in much of
a mood to write, or actually for anything.

If anyone has questions for me, feel free to call. Some of the people who
have received Nomads:

David Hicks, George Andrews, Tom Shields, Stephen Allison, John Stoddard,
Eric Phillips-Meadows, David Berquist, 
John O'Mahoney, Jim Austin, Cindi Taylor-Miller, Tom Krizay, Chris Heap, Tom
Conover, Ron Grace, Lisa Rogers,
Mara Factor, Mike Lowell, Doug Banks, John Hoskins, Allen Downs, Deb Raushi,
Margot Chisholm, Nathan Martin,
Doyle Donahoo, Tom Garbarino, Bill Schuette, Dick Vogel, Curtis
Hillman, Mark Short, Brooks Kelley, etc etc

Well, that's 30 of them there at least, although there is more than I can't
remember off the top of my head. This should give you an idea that I'm not
taking the money and running with it. To the contrary, I'm working my butt
off. Probably that's part of the reason I'm single now - my last day "off"
was Christmas, and I have had little extra time for anyone in my life. So my
now-ex-girlfriend starts staying late at work, bored to be here, to be with
me. Over 2 years of my life leave with her, and more.

I never meant for an informal email to be construed as nor to stand as
a binding contract by everyone who read it, rather it was a statement of
intent. Finding myself behind when thru-hiking season started, I changed my
priority to those people who were counting on using a Nomad on their
thru-hikes. There are nearly as many on the PCT as there are on the AT. No
plot against PCT hikers, though I did send the AT hikers theirs first, *only
because they start earlier*. No other reason. Perhaps making thru-hikers of
both trails my priority was a bad business decision, but even so, is it not
mine to make? I was not attempting to "defraud" anyone, *I was simply trying
to get Nomads to those of us who were going out _now_ to do what we would
all like to be doing.*

ASK *****
Just let me know, and I'll get back to you soon to acknowledge your refund
request, and a check will go out to you on the next mail-able day. No
questions, no problems. No hassle, no charge.

What I write next may change, but it is the way I feel now - If I am sued, I
will honor
all outstanding committments made up to that point in time, but otherwise

will cease to do business immediately. Screw it, it is not worth that much
hassle. It has cost me too goddamned much already.

I apologize to the list for having to deal with this. Like I said, I'll be
glad to answer any questions, but I'll do it offline via telephone and
conserve bandwidth. Just call.


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