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[pct-l] WA snow/flooding

> If all of the snow melts quickly, there is going to be major flooding.  Of
> course our TV news will have a field day since disaster=ratings, god forbid
> should we ever see any real news from mainstream outlets.  Sorry for the
> rant, but Portland news is terrible.

While I agree that the TV folks are way too sensational, I don't agree
that a big snow pack means flooding. It will melt at the same rate as a
small snow pack. But it will be melting a lot longer.

BTW, we've had some unusually warm weather this week. In fact, it was over
80F today. Not bad for April! There has been some significant settling of
the snow, but the buried cold layers still may provide for some incredible
climax avalanches (that scrape the snow to the dirt level). So they say...


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