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[pct-l] please unsubscribe me, bye bye & thank you all!

hello everyone!
I can't believe it ... I'm in San Diego ... all the way from boston,
and then all the way from san fransisco! Thank you SO much to everyone
on this list for your tremendous help planning over the last months!
And Rob, if you get this email (i.e. if you're still on the list) please 
A forward HUGE thanks from me to your friend Dennis who flew me
down from san fran here!!

I'm at Jeff Ekert's house here in San Diego & we are about to 
head out to ADZPICKZO thingiemibob! Hope to meet many of you this 
wkend!! and thanks in advance to Tom Reynolds, Charlie, and the other
support team people (who's names escape my cluttered mind at the moment).
Goodbye everyone & have a wonderful summer!
get outside!!!

-Rebecca Williams

(Brick and/or Craig, can you please unsubscribe me from the list. Thanks!)

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