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[pct-l] Slides or photos?

:I ordered a bunch of film from Seattle Filmworks.  The price was certainly
:cheap enough, especially compared to other outlets.  Although I was going
:orginally get mostly slide film, I opted for for a film I could either have
:processed for prints or slides.
:Has anyone here used Filmworks and this particular film?  What were the

Sorry, haven't used that film or company, but I did want to say that when my
husband and I hiked the JMT, he carried a camera with print film and I
carried one with slide film. I still can't decide which I would take if I
could only have one. Slides are great because you can show them so big and
everyone can see them at once while you give commentary. Photos are easier
to show, since you don't need equipment. I'm not sure how long each lasts --
I know that slides degrade over time, and I *think* I've read that they
degrade faster than negatives, but I'm not really sure. If you *are*
thinking that you'll be saving the pictures for your grandchildren (and
you're not already 50 :-}  ) , then that might make the difference in your

Albuquerque, NM, USA

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