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[pct-l] re: feathered friends rock wren

i'm a little behind on my mail, but anyway...

i have the rock wren, (not the rock wren II, don't know what the difference
is).  it is 800 fill down, 1 lb 14 oz with dry loft, good to at least 30*,
for me.  the arm holes and draw string bottom, are, indeed, made for
wearing.  makes for cozy evenings, but slow mornings.  still, it's worth it
just for the comments  :).

it is designed a little differently than 'standard' sleeping bags.  there
is a center double zipper (men - you can use it as a fly when wearing).
the hood is really designed more like the hood of a down jacket - it wears
nicely on the head, but much less room around the head when sleeping.  if
you like to put your arms/hands under your head and spread your elbows
while sleeping, like i do, it'll take some getting used to.  also, unless
you are shorter than about 5' 8 1/2", consider getting the long.  with the
draw string cinched, you lose a few inches of length.

it is by far my favorite sleeping bag, and i have spent my most comfortable
nights outdoors in it.

ke kaahawe, AT92  TYT94  PCT99!
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