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Re: [pct-l] Bear Resistant Food Containers - Sierras

It's been my experience, bears usually will stay away, one in a while a
1 year old, will get hungry and come into the site, but when it thinks
no one is there at the site. Bear Cans do work, but it might be over
kill to use one, or it might not. I never had a problem with bears. And
i have been quite close to them, for my photo shots and when fly fishing
thier favorite streams in AK. Very large Brownies. the Blacks in ID. and
other parts of the Northwest are smaller, then the ones back east. As
well as the Moose, which here in the Northwest are called Shyira's
Moose, a sub species. the Bears and Moose in AK  are much bigger. As for
Bears, just do not get in between them, with cubs, or thier food cache
and/or thier favorite berry patch. I would take some Bear bells though,
so you won't surprise them, which gives them time to amble off the
trail. And also, Keep a clean site, and always do the dishes right away,
and well away from the site. burn any paper trash on solid bare rocks,
and of course you could bury it well away  too 
Hey, it's just my opinion...
R.J. Baynum

Margaret Brownell wrote:
> Here I'm leaving next week and I still haven't made the decision regarding a
> Bear Can or not for the Sierras.
> Opinions?
> Experiences?
> What Sierra sections?
> All input is appreciated.  I know I must make my own decision; I'd just like
> it an educated decision, not emotionally based or weight based.
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* From the Pacific Crest Trail Email List |  http://www.backcountry.net   *