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Re: [pct-l] Wanderlust Nomad Lite

...heavy speculation... ...Talk of lawsuits...

There is way too much speculation here for me.  I'm keeping the faith
the Kurt will deliver, and his business will be run more efficiently
in the future.  I have never met someone so psyched to quit his day
job and start doing something he likes.

I talked with Kurt a couple of weeks back, and he indicated that
he was having a hard time outsourcing the work, and that he
was still doing most of the work by hand himself.  With the
quantity of orders that he has received it will take him a 
while to work through the backlog.  Kurt's straits are not
uncommon for a low production product which *suddenly* has
mass appeal.  Almost every year the toy market gets caught with
some toy that manufacturer couldn't predict would be wildly

I have dealt with Kurt before, when he was selling surplus Tyvek.
He delivered then. (He shipped and trusted me to mail the check!)
I was also one of the people who suggested that he consider using 
1.1oz silicon impregnated nylon, in place of his tyvek Nomad, although 
I'm sure he would have thought of it, or already had.

I do wish that he stuck to his 1st come 1st served policy, but would
am confident that once he gets production going, that he will
naturally acquire better business practices. The product is a great
idea... ...well worth the wait in my opinion.

Given that there is a long and unpredictably delay, have _tried_ asking 
for your money back if you are unwilling to wait for the product?

   ...Mark Damish   mdamish@bbn.com

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