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[pct-l] Ultralight THIS!

Northbound PCT trips won,t happen this year on the PCT. Paradise parking lot 
at 5500 feet on the side of Rainier still has 270 inches of snow on the 
gound! White Pass has 103 inches  right by the road. Not even the King of 
Corn Pasta could pull off a Northbound trip this year. Back to ice axes in 
the Sierra,s, I saw a hiker ( John Mills ) fall 60 ft. off Donohue Pass on my 
77 thu-hike. That was the end of his PCT hike.  Doing the Sierra,s without 
the ice axe and knowledge of it use is like rafting the Grand Canyon with no 
life jacket. ( it can be done, but isn,t the smartest move a person can make 
)  This mailing gas issue is totally out of here. I have a Optimus 8r that 
have never even tasted coleman fuel and burns as good now as it did 22 years 
ago. A hiker who burns low octane unleaded will never have trouble finding 
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