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RE: [pct-l] more on ultralight

> Just a question for those who are experienced with the High Sierras
>during PCT thru-hiking time.  What is the feasibility of using 4 pt
>crampons and ski poles in lieu of an ice axe? Would a good compromise be
>to mail a drift box with an ice axe in it through the sections that were
>mentioned above, and use it the trail conditions north of your drift box
>merit it?

In my opinion, crampons are not necessary.  Typical June conditions are warm
and sunny with soft snow.  Mornings can be icy and bad weather is always a
possibility, so you may have to wait for the right conditions.

Crampons and poles are no substitute for an ice ax.  The ax is needed for
self-arrest, ie stopping a fall.  The crampons and poles make a fall less
likely, but that's not the point.  Some choose to go without an ax, making a
commitment not to fall.  The choice is yours.  I wouldn't.

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