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Re: [Re: [pct-l] leaving soon, mailing white gas, list suggestion]

the hard part of stuff in life is figureing out what you want.
once you know what you really want you're halfway done with the battle. I
realized I wanted to hike the PCT ... so I saved money.
I don't have as much as I'd like ... and I don't have anywhere near
$15,000 (as someone else mentioned they'd
have for their hike next year) 
but I'm going to hike the pct anyway ... 

Well ... I am in absolute hectic mode today ... it's the last day to
get the stuff I need to done!

rebecca williams

"R.J. Baynum" <rjbaynum@nidlink.com> wrote:
Hi, I was wondering, how can some people take off, and just do the
trail? What do you do for a living? Wow, I wish I could just take off
and do the whole trail like that. Money is the key thing here, or is
everyone just "indecently Wealthy"?
Thanks for any  enlightenment!
R.J. Baynum 

Rebecca Williams wrote:
> hello all.
> I am getting very ready to leave!
> Yesterday and the day before I spent the day getting food from
> costco, traderjoe's and getting last minute things from REI,
> bookstores etc. Today is my day to pack stuff up into
> boxes.  and yesterday I realized (it dawned on me!) ... I don't know where,
> and if, I need to mail white gas to myself, so ...
> 1. does anyone know the regulations for mailing white gas?
> 2. should I pack it up in a seperate small package or just
> include it in my regular resupply box?
> 3. what kind of container should I use? Can I / should
> I just use the metal box like container it comes in when you buy it?
> I have one extra fuel bottle, can I mail it in that as well?
> 4. does anyone know out of the following resupply places which
> ones I'll need to mail white gas to? (i.e. which ones can I not
> get white gas or even regular gas at? (I have a stove
> that takes regular gasoline, if needed.) Oh, someone sugested
> using low octane instead of high octane if I go to a gas station for
> gas for my stove, is this correct?
> I have 9 definite places where I'm mailing food:
> 1. mt laguna (generic 4 day box)
> 2. warner springs (generic 4 day box)
> 3. kennedy meadows (generic 6 day box, with tent included)
> 4. vermillion valley resort (generic 4 day box)
> 5. burney falls (generic 4 day box)
> 6. crater lake (ups only)(generic 4 day box)
> 7. ollalie lake resort(generic 4 day box)
> 8. timberline lodge (generic 4 day box)
> 9. stehekin(generic 6 day box)
> (generic 4 day box has food for 4 days, & generic 6 for 6 days)
> does anyone have the current address & phone for ollaie lake resort, (since
> the ranger station has been shut down & we aren't supposed to mail
> packages there)?
> I'm also considering packing up boxes for an extra 5? resupply places ..
> considering ... (generic 4 day boxes for the following)
> maybe - red meadows
> maybe - toulemne meadows (might not need it, may have friends meet me)
> maybe - sierra city
> maybe - belden
> maybe - seiad valley
> maybe - cascade summit - (now it's West Odell Lake Rd, Hwy 58, Cresent Lake
> 97425, instead of cascade sumit PO, and it's ups only, 541-433-2548)
> What do you suggest?
> (For the rest of my resupply places I'm going to buy supplies as I go.)
> On a seperate note ...
> ****Suggestion for list Admin(s)****
> (When you return from your race in Morocco, which I hope was great!)
> Has anyone considered having a seperate or sub mailing list ...
> for those on the trail ... i.e. just news from those on the trail
> and info about trail conditions? so that people on the trail
> could be subscibed to a smaller list (smaller = fewer posts)?
> On the smaller list they would only get relevant info while
> they were hiking & their e-mailboxes wouldn't get
> filled up with normal PCT-L list activity stuff.
> Everyone on the PCT-l could be on the list ... but it's purpose
> would be primarily to hear from those on the trail ... i.e. no
> gear questions or planning stuff. kind of like the idea of the digest,
> but a list specifically designed for people currently thruhiking/or
> on the trail?
> anyway ... this is just a thought, I had yesterday since I'm
> going to be unsubscribing from the PCT-L soon, ... so that
> my mailbox doesn't fill up while I'm gone. But I thought ..
> it'll be sad to miss the stuff about how people are doing when
> I do get to check in occationally from the trail.
> thank you!
> rebecca williams
> rebecca_pct@usa.net
> (see many of you soon at adzpickzo(sp?) thing!!)
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