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[pct-l] home-made packs

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I have made a couple of packs, and am about to start on my third version.  I'll be happy if I can get it down to the 11 oz. posted elsewhere.  I used the basic pack pattern "Alpine Rucksack" if I recall correctly, that Jardine mentions in his book, and modified from there.  I have included hip belts.  Even if they don't take a lot of weight, I find I like them to keep the pack snug.  My next pack will be constructed of 1.1 oz. coated ripstop with 4 oz. cordura on the back panel and bottom, with netting side and back pockets for easy access.  If you don't want to make a pack, a friend of mine ordered one of the LW "mesh" packs which weights 14 oz. and he is quite happy with it.  I enjoy making my own because it allows me to customize it with features I like, reinforce it where I want, etc.

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