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Re: [pct-l] Ultralight???

With all due respect, I think the conclusion to the note below flies in the
face of the spirit of thru-hiking, and is an inappropriate attitude to be
conveying here at the start of the season, especially just before the big
shin-dig, with lots of impressionable contenders in attendance. Going
lightweight offers a great advantage to many, playing a big part in their
living out their dream of a thru-hike completion. That they need to carry a
certain weight on their back to be safe, or fail to enjoy themselves as they
"rush" between town stops is pure speculation, as relative as the reason for
hiking, itself.

I've found that one of distance hiking's great advantages is its inherent
lack of rules, and the prospects it offers to live by one's own convictions,
proven right or wrong by one's own actions. Let advice to this year's crowd
only encourage, never discourage.

Happy trails (and best hopes for the shin-dig),
- Blister

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