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[pct-l] Interstate 15 near Cajon Pass --Map D1

In a message dated 4/11/99 8:18:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
radney@ix.netcom.com writes:

<< In all your travels, have you gone by the hotel at Highway 138 and 
Interstate15 where Tiffany's Restaurant and the new McDonald are? ... Last 
year we left a food box at Wrightwood for a friend and stopped at the hotel 
when we passed by.  We spoke with the owner who said he was renovating the 
hotel and would have it opened in the fall.  Walt and I would like to skip 
going into Wrightwood and stay at the hotel and send our food box there.  The 
owner sounded like that might be a possibility. >>

Yes, but I've never stopped there until today. BTW, the renovated motel is 
"under new management."

For those who may one day be looking for this motel, it is located on the 
Northwest corner of the Highway 138 / I-15 intersection (behind the Union 76 
Station).  The motel sign reads "ECONOmy Inn."

Their mailing address is:
	Economy Inn
	8317 U. S. Hwy 138
	Phelan, CA 92371

Telephone:  (760) 249-6777
Manager:  Vinod Somani

The ECONOmy Inn has a pool and a hot tub. Rooms rent for $40 to $65 per night 
depending on the number of beds and the number of guests. If you want 
specifics about room rates or want to make a reservation, give them a call. 

Although Tiffany's Restaurant (across the interstate on Wagon Train Road) is 
now CLOSED, there are two fast-food restaurants nearby: Del Taco and 

I spoke with Vinod today and explained about the Pacific Crest Trail and the 
needs of through-hikers. He was very receptive to their needs for a warm, dry 
room with real beds. 

He agreed to accept and hold resupply packages for hikers who plan to rent a 
room for the night (or more). He will do so without charge as "a favor to the 

Mail your package to the address listed above. Mark it as you do for all 
resupply packages ("Hold for PCT Hiker <name>, Estimated date of arrival 
mm/dd/yy"). If you mail a package and change your plans about stopping there, 
please give Vinod a call and discuss disposition of your waiting package.

Please direct any other questions you may have about the ECONOmy Inn to Vinod 
Somani at (760) 249-6777.

Enjoy your layover stop,

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