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[pct-l] Announcing My Hike

Well I guess it's time for the Old Man to start hiking.  Plan on leaving Norden, CA approx. 7-10-99 or so and hiking as far north as I can get.  Don't plan to do a super hike, getting too old for that, besides I loved to smell the roses too much for that.  Just want to go as far as possible and see as much as I can.  Stop and smell the roses while possible.
Would appreciate any responses on trail conditions, water, etc. - planning on doing 15 miles or so daily, depending on water, if it takes a 25 mile day for water, so be it.  Will hike as far as possible and as long as possible till it gets too cold or time runs out.
Good Luck to all the thru-hikers.  Maybe I'll meet you on the trail.
Doug Banks   (same name I used on the Appalachian Trail in 78, 79 & 81)  It's gotten me thru nearly 60 years.  Maybe I'll use it a while longer.  Besides I'm not ashamed of it and I'll respect any trail name you use.  I'm sure your not ashamed of that name either.)
AT - Completed '81
PCT - Mexico - Mono Hot Springs '83
PCT - Mono Hot Springs - Norden '88
PCT - Norden - ???? '99 
CDT - Planning (Good Lord willing and the Creeks don't rise (well as far as I can't cross in a week or so).