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[pct-l] See ya all on the Trail...

Hi folks,

Mike here!  As most of you know, Slyman and I be hiking the Pacific Crest
Trail this year.  I've included my address for our web page with hiking
schedules, with resupply points so you'll be able to get an idea of the
logistics involved in such an endeavor.

I'll be starting the trail April 24th from Campo, California with Slyman,
who I met on the Appalachian Trail in '97 having hiked many hundred miles
with him.  (for those who may not know, while hiking we use trailnames.  Me,
I'm Snoop   : )

We have set up a Web home page for our PCT trip this summer, complete with
schedules, maildrop addresses, and other interesting information.  We have
also included several post offices where we will be checking mail in
resupply towns.   Anyone inclined to send along a letter with a "Hi", treats
for all the hikers, or something would be very welcome.  This url is:

I will have an online journal, courtesy of n2backpacking.com.  The url is:
http://www.n2backpacking.com/thruhikers/pct/michael.htm .  Although it will
be somewhat delayed, you'll be able to follow some of our exploits and
adventures, hopefully with photos from along the trail.

I'll also have a NEW traveling email address.  Those interested, the address
is: snoop_usa@hotmail.com  I will be using this address effective this
Friday (April 9th, 1999).  The OLD  address of snoop@erols.com will no
longer be available, and I won't be reached from it.  Slyman can be reached
at hiker_trash@yahoo.com .

There are a few libraries along the way where we'll be able to check email,
feel free to write.

Have a great summer,
Snoop & The Slyman

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