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Re: [pct-l] Ticks.......

Hey Sly -- it's almost that time.  Are you ready for that long hike?  Walt 
and I have been so busy we haven't had a chance to do much but read our e-
mail lately, but ...
>Any (many) incidents of Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Fever on the PCT?  
>According to one of GoForth's post, I see that ticks may be a problem.

...last week we went and got our Lyme Disease injections.  It is a series of 
three shots.  The first and second injections are given a month apart and 
the third is to be given a year after the first injection.   Walt e-mailed a 
doctor in Big Bear (we figured we would there about a month from when we got 
the injection) and he agreed to give us our second injection when we get 
there and placed his order for the vaccine so it would be there when we 
arrived.  We have had sore arms this last 4 days, but so far that is all. 

Last year Cool Breeze got Lyme Disease when he was on the AT and had to get 
off for a month.  Fortunately, they diagnosed his problem and he was put on 
mega doses of antibiotics right away .  Got a letter from him last week and 
he is doing great and will be doing some trail work on the AT this summer. 

You still have time to get the injections, but they don't come cheaply  $50-
75 a shot!  But well worth it in the scheme of things.

See you out there soon -- sorry about not getting together before we leave.
Tell Snoop Hi for us!


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