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Re: [pct-l] Kelty Cloud & Vapor packs

I've been keenly interested in these packs for months, hoping to use one for
my PCT thru-hike.  Unfortunately, Kelty won't be shipping them until the end
of April or early May so I may not be able to get one in time.  I'm thinking
of starting my hike with my heavy (almost 7 lbs) Dana Designs Terraplane
until my home support team can ship me the Kelty Cloud.


Price:  they're expensive packs  -- the Vapor 45 will retail for $350 and
the Cloud 60 for $400.

Capacity:  the Vapor 45 holds 2750 - 3700 cu in; the Cloud 60 holds 3400 to
4400 cu in.

Weight:  the base weight of either pack is 1 pound, to which you add
"options" like side pockets, top pocket, plastic framesheet, foam pad,
internal frame suspension, hip-belt, compression straps, ice-axe loops, etc.
I really like how modular the system is; for example, you can choose
    1)  no hipbelt for light loads,
    2)  minimalist web belt (2.7 oz) for medium loads or stability in more
active pursuits like skiing and climbing,
    3)  padded foam belt (6.1 oz) for heavier loads.

Fully decked out for climbing with all pockets, loops, pouches, frame,
belts, etc., the pack should weigh 3 lbs 3 oz.  Remove the climbing-specific
accessories and simplify the suspension by using your sleeping pad instead
of their framesheet and foam, and you get a 4400 cu in pack that weighs 2
lbs 5 1/2 oz.  If you carry a light enough load to skip the suspension and
side pockets (but use the web belt), the pack weighs just 1 lb 7 oz.

I got all this information from Kelty's website www.kelty.com, more
specifically http://www.kelty.com/packs1.cfm?pgroup=Enlighten.

David Long
Seattle, WA
PCT'99 hopeful

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From: Brody Dittemore <brody@saber.net>
Subject: [pct-l] Kelty Cloud & Vapor packs

> Hey, does anyone out there have any experiences with Kelty's Cloud or
> packs? I was noticing in their catalog that both packs weigh extremely
> little (right about 1 pound before you add on anything). They are bit
> "modular" so that you can add on the features that you need, such as side
> pockets, different waist belts, a framesheet, back pad, even a frame
> system. Everything is made out of this fancy spectra/kevlar material that
> is supposed to be superduper lightweight. But its probably superduper
> expensive too, eh? I've yet to see anything but pictures of the packs
> (they're white too..), so I'm really intrigued by it. So has anyone seen
> one, played with one, or owned one? What do you think..?

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