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[pct-l] ride from S.F. to LA, San Diego or Campo area

Stephen Martin was kind enough to post a note for me over the wkend,
since I couldn't get to my email, but I thought I'd send one out myself as

As he said my plans for a ride from San Fransisco down to Campo 
fell through last wk.

I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who would mind giving me 
lift down there if they are headed that way themselves. I had planned
to start on April 15 or 16 and to get down there one day before.
If I don't get a ride it's not a big deal ... I'll take a greyhound
bus down or somthing ... I just thought I'd ask, in case I can save some
money. I also wouldn't mind starting out with someone else
since the person I was going to be hiking with the first few days won't
be making it. (Shoshanna has had to back out.)


Rebecca Williams

p.s. GOOD LUCK all you other 99ers ... can't wait to see you out there!
And thanks to everyone on this list for all the great help over the 
last many months of planning!

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