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[pct-l] Transpo to Campo

As the day of departure approaches and we've had a few inquiriees, we
thought we'd again let those on the list know that we are available as a
resource in San Diego, 20 minutes from the airport and 80 minutes to Campo.
We can't say for sure that our schedules will allow us to give you a ride,
or be able to out you up for the night.  At the minimum we can get you
around town, suggest hotels/hostels, and help you figure out public
transport.  Feel free to email or call (619)280-1474 and pass out to those
who need San Diego support.
See you at Lake Morena on the 17th, for those getting quite an early start.
Dan and Sara Rufner
PCT 96, CDT 98
P.S.  Did anyone see that 9 immigrants died in the snowstorm that hit San
Diego mountains?  Not far from where the PCT runs north from Campo.
Dan Rufner
Director, UCSD Wilderness Orientation
Director, UCSD Group Adventures
Outback Adventures
9500 Gilman Drive -0004
La Jolla, CA 92093-0004

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