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Re: [pct-l] personal changes

Wishing you a great hike!  Don't be too concerned about trail names.  They
really aren't used much on the PCT, I've found.  Most everybody along the
trail gets to be on a first-name basis by the time they reach Agua Dulce.  

Also, IMO, you shouldn't be TOO concerned about desert heat.  A 95 degree day
in Houston is a lot more uncomfortable than a 110 degree day in the Mojave
because the humidity is low.  (Usually!)   Just take the common-sense
precautions, i.e., SPF30 sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, plenty of water.  In
'97, we tended to cook our main meal at mid-day, taking a break when it was
hottest and then hiking till it was too dark to see.  

I can't recommend hiking after dark in the desert.  Some people like to do it
but it's hard to see the rattlesnakes.  Just for the record, we crossed paths
with 12 of them between Campo and Kennedy Meadows.  They're more interesting
than dangerous, and they usually let you know they're there.  But I wouldn't
want to step on one in the dark.  Remember, they own the trail.  Go around and
don't get too curious.  We carried hiking staffs which were useful a couple
times in this situation to gently encourage the critters to give us room to
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