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[pct-l] Resupply updates

You raised some great questions and a good time Blister.  Here is a 
QUICK reply to some PO & Resupply questoins.  More later if I can.

Correct: Idylwild zip 92549.  Great town -- we will just mail our drift 
box here there are  plenty of stores and you will want to shower, use 
the laundromat and eat, eat, eat!

Correct: Wrightwood Saturday hours are actually 8am - 11am.  They are 
also opend during the week.

Don't send anything to ONYX -- it is a long hike down and back to the 
town(?) a PO and gas station!

Kennedy Meadows - They preferr that you send by UPS only because you 
can't mail out. NO PHONE! Meadow Ed is hoping to be there again this 
year -- he's a wonderful PCT Hiker and our Trail Angel for KM.  He will 
shuttle you back and forth from the store to the campground and he has 
always reserved a couple of sites for us to camp at and share 
some wonderful times.

Vermilion Valley Resort. Butch and Peg Wiggins are fantastic and you 
will enjoy your stay with them very much.  Their pies are delicious and 
they go out of their way to help us.  To allay any confusion, here is 
the e-mail address for VVR so you can contact them personally; 

For Echo Lake -- don't send packages there and don't plan on staying!  
For the last two years they have been too busy to cater to PCT Thru 
Hikers.  Plan on sending packages to the South Lake Tahoe PO and 
staying at the Tahoe Sunset Lodge with Sam Patel.  For a small fee he 
will shuttle you from Echo Lake to his motel -- wonderful Trail Angel!  
His phone # is 1-800-755-8246 for res or info. I don't have the address 
for the PO, but Sam can get it to you.  We will drift box here only, 
it is a big place and there is a 25 cent bus/trolley ride to the 
casinos and plenty of all you can eat buffets!!!  I know that the PO 
sends out and has Sat. hours -- we sent pkgs.  See you there!  Sam 
maybe on the net -- ?  I'll try to find out tomorrow!

See you soon!

Happy Trails Couple - Pat

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