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[pct-l] Kamp Anza

Walt and I just received a message from  Kamp Anza...Paul &
Pat Miller, two wonderful Trail Angels. They have had their first thru hiker 
for the year... Trail name, Goforth,  Joanne!  She couldn't have had a 
better place to stay that is for sure!  Sounds like Joanne is making great 
time and sending Karen some wonderful trail reports -- thanks Joanne and 

We can personally recommend Kamp Anza as a wonderful place to recuperate. 
They have a camp store, showers, laundromat and best of all Paul & Pat 
Miller who will let you stay at their trailer site and pitch your tent -- 
Paul makes a mean breakfast too!  They wanted me to post a note to the PCT 
site to let you know that they  ".. will be looking forward to seeing any of 
you hikers. Please pass that information on to others.  If anyone wants to 
come off the trail at Hwy 371 & 74, there is a phone there, and we can pick 
up anyone who needs a rest.  Phone #  is 909-763-4421."    Their e-mail 
address is <thebear1@gte.net>.  And Trail Magic continues!
Happy Trails Couple -- See you soon!

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