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[pct-l] Resupply station address updates

This subject seems to be the big theme lately. I've been doing a bit of
research myself, making sure my address list is up to date. Wanted to ask a
few questions, but first, a correction: In comparing the PCT Handbook's
station addresses to those from the latest PCT Town Guide, I noticed a
discrepancy in the zip code for Idyllwild CA. Handbook has 92349, while Town
Guide lists 92549. In calling the PO directly, it turns out that 92549 is
the correct one, and that 92349 is an invalid zip code - doesn't belong to
any town.

On the other hand, Handbook correctly states that the town of Wrightwood has
Saturday hours for pick-up only. Whereas the Town Guide lists M-F hours
only. The Saturday hours, according to the postmaster, are actually 8am -
11am, not 9am to 11am as may have been correct when Handbook was last

Here's a question: Kennedy Meadows - Which is the preferred address to use?
PO Box 3A-5, Inyokern CA 93527 - which presumably would be used for sending
packages via US Postal Service only.  Or 1445 Kennedy Meadows Rd? (town? zip
code?) The Town Guide lists both addresses, indicating that the second is
for UPS deliveries only. Actually, on the town info page that describes K.M.
services, it simply says "UPS only." So which address to use, and how to
send? And what's the rest of that Kennedy Meadows Rd. address?

And another query: Vermilion Valley Resort. The PCT Handbook says to send
packages UPS only to PO Box 258, Huntington Lake Rd., Lakeshore CA 93634.
Meanwhile, the Town Guide says to send packages US Postal Service only to
Rancheria Garage, Huntington Lake Rd., Lakeshore CA 93634. And the Town
Guide also says to get prior permission, and that there is a $6 handling fee
per parcel.   Which address to use?  What delivery method to employ?  How to
negotiate payment of the fee?

Finally, it seems that the town of Echo Lake now has an official PO, whereas
prior hikers relied on the Echo Lake Resort. Am I right on this? If so, it
seems the PCT Handbook address is no longer the one to use (Echo Chalet,
Inc.).  Instead, according to the Town Guide and USPS spokesperson, we would
send packages to the post office at 1 Echo Lake Rd., Echo Lake CA 95721.
Also note that this PO apparantly does not do outgoing mail, according to
Town Guide. If anyone can confirm or deny the info in this paragraph, that
would be great.

There may be other confusing discrepancies beyond what I mention here, but
I'm only heading as far as Tahoe City on my hike, so the above is all I need
to sweat. Which is good, since I can be a heavy sweater.

Actually, I think the thing to do is to accept the reality that it is
impossible to orchestrate with perfection a multi-month hiking adventure. I
can't think of a single analogy in other areas of life where one becomes so
all consumed with honing in on his or her whereabouts, minute by minute, day
by day, meal by meal, as one does in the weeks leading up to a big hike. Too
much projecting ahead, and considering with futility so many worse case
scenarios and what-ifs. Not good for the psyche. So I'll get the addresses
right or wrong, as the adventure may have it. And I'll plan on inadequate
amounts of food, not with the intent of starving, but of supplementing from
the stores along the way.  And I'll likely show up in towns stylishly late
(or early) per my parcel schedule. All part of the adventure. And I find
that true adventure usually involves large doses of hassle while it is
occuring. A headache on the trail becomes a fond memory back home.

Happy trails,
- Blister

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