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Re: [pct-l] Muir Trail Ranch

Let me add to Kurt's discription of MRT

At one time a road ran from Florence Lake up to the Ranch.  When hiking in fro
Florence Lake the road is quite visable and probably even passable.

The MTR allows passage of the Florence Lake to PCT [JMT] trail through their
property but the passage is fenced on both sides. I wish that they would take
the fence down because it is a bummer but it's their land and backpackers have
been known to take advantage of private property owner's generosity.

Th cost to stay at the ranch is about $100 per night per person. The ranch is
rustic. For that price you get a cabin and food but not towels or bedding. This
is expensive from the point of view of backpacking but cheap compared to Club

The Muir Trail Rance is the almost ideal John Muir Trail resupply. A JMT hiker
will typically average 10 miles per day. MTR is right in the middle. A PCT
hiker, on the other hand, can easily make it to Vermillion Valley Resort in a
couple-three days

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