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[pct-l] Water in Them Thar' Hills

San Felipe Hills, that is. PCT ... Map A-12.

Representatives of the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club drove and hiked to
place 20 gallons of water on the PCT for use by hikers from the Class of '99.
That was 10 gallons at Scissors Crossing (by the big Cottonwood tree) and 10
gallons near mile 13 (north from Scissors Crossing) in the San Felipe Hills. 

Refer to Map A12 in the PCT Guide. Follow the trail marking 1/2 inch down from
the top of the page to the word "Gate." (This is the third gate along the
trail north from Scissors Crossing; there will be two others BEFORE you reach
Barrel Springs.) 

The water is stashed, in plain view, a few feet north of gate #3 under a scrub
oak tree. The water jugs are secured by an international orange cord running
through the handles. This is to prevent empty jugs becoming air borne litter.
Please be sure to secure the cord again after you take water from this stash. 

Use what you need to rehydrate yourself, prepare meals and refill your water
bottles for the remaining 11 miles to Barrel Springs. No showers, please.
<grin> If you open one of the water jugs, please carry the little blue plastic
seal with you for proper disposal later. If you need to take one of the jugs
with you, that's okay too. Please accept the responsibility to properly
dispose of that jug when it has served your purpose. 

This San Felipe Hills stash will be resupplied on May 2 (approximately). If
you take the last of the water and reach a telephone before May 2, please call

After the resupply in early May, empty water bottles will be removed from the
trail in "early June." Please do not call the PCTA office for another resupply
after the third week of May.

Thanks to Chris Landa, Carol Murdock and Lauralynn Burson for their efforts.
(Okay, so I helped a little too.)

Good luck on The PCT & Happy hiking!
Charlie Jones
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