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[pct-l] as luck would have it.

1.An amazing experience for Will.

    My original plan was to hike the PCT this year, starting May 1 and sharing my
apartment rent with my partner of two years. As spring wore on, she decided to move
out and I was stuck with the place. Weeks passed and it seemed less likely that I'd
be able to go. I set April 1 as my deadline day; if it came and I hadn't found a
solution, I'd write n2backpacking and tell them I couldn't accept their sponsorship
and put off my hike for a year.
    Well, two days ago, I got a call from a guy I worked with who needed a place
for the summer...say, starting April 15! I didn't know what to say except for
"great!" Suddenly I have to really get on the ball planning my trip. Margo, put me
on the roster, yo! I'll try to hit the party in Lake Morena at the start of my

2. The List

    This mailing list has really provided the impetus for my trip this year.
Despite the bickering I have been caught up in the enthusiasm prevalent in this
venue. Thanks to everyone for the information included.

3. Mundane question.

    I saw the Sigg Fire Jet stove on sale in the Sierra Trading Post catalog. Is
this thing any good (I've never heard of it before).


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