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Re: [pct-l] stream crossing footwear

Margo Chisholm wrote:
> Am investigating options other than my boots for stream crossing. So far
> most of what I've come across is too heavy. Does anyone have any
> experience in streams with neoprene socks? They don't have any kind of
> tread or pattern on the bottom so I wonder about slipping. Would love
> your opinions. Thanks in advance.

I use DeepSea Beachwalkers: 2mm neoprene with a wraparound rubber sole
and elastic top.  The pair weighs 7 ounces (which probably puts them in
your "too heavy" category), but they double as camp shoes, so they
qualify under my multi-use criteria.  The sole is thick enough to
protect my tender feet and has a non-slip design that works pretty well
in a current.

Happy trails, Tom
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