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Re: [pct-l] stream crossing footwear

Margo, I likewise found a cheap pair of drugstore 'Teva-like' sandals for
streamcrossings.  They are very lightweight and I can hook them onto a
carabeiner on the outside of my pack to drip-dry when I resume hiking with
my boots!
I got neoprene, tread-pattern watershoes too but I haven't tried them yet.
I think the sandals would make a better camp-shoe though, and that they'd
be more suitable for protecting the feet against sharp rocks in the COLD
Sierras creeks.  Best of all, the sandals feel just a tad lighter than the
I have noticed that the name-brand Tevas, which are of good quality and
last a long time, are much heavier than my $3 drugstore cheapies.....

>Am investigating options other than my boots for stream crossing. So far
>most of what I've come across is too heavy. Does anyone have any
>experience in streams with neoprene socks? They don't have any kind of
>tread or pattern on the bottom so I wonder about slipping. Would love
>your opinions. Thanks in advance.
>Enjoy the day.
>Namaste, m
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* From the Pacific Crest Trail Email List |  http://www.backcountry.net   *