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[pct-l] Backpacker Magazine

Brett said:

>I always seem to come across as the ADZ... killjoy, but does the PCT need
>the kind of publicity that Backpacker tends to force upon our remaining 
>good and wild places? As long as the AT has them satisfactorily occupied, 
>why not let them have it? Meanwhile, let's salvage the rest of the triple 
>- Blister

No your are not a killjoy Blister, you are speaking out for quite a few of 
us, Walt and Me included!  So many of us hiking the PCT this year have given 
up jobs and worked hard to get to this point in our lives that we can hike 
the PCT, it is a very special time for us.  It should remain that way, 
shared among those of us who will be hiking together on the trail for 5-6 
months, not used for publicity -- that would take away the special moment.

In '97 Karen Berger and Dan Smith were Thru Hiking the PCT at the same time 
Walt and I were.  You may have read some of their articles in Backpacker 
Magazine.  They sharaed their own personal Journal to go along with the 
breathtaking photography of Bart Smith in his book "Along the Pacific Crest 
Trail."  Although we knew who they were, and enjoyed their company,  Karen 
and Dan kept a low profile about what they were writing. We shared times 
together in towns and along the trail and there was never any fanfair.  It 
would be a sharm if all the hoopla connected with the AT started on the PCT!


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