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[pct-l] Personal Plug

Dear listers:

If anyone ever wondered what I look like, or wanted to hear me whine about
how unfit I am, now is your chance. In a week I leave for Morocco for a 150
mile race accross the Sahara desert called the Marathon des Sables.

I got talked into being one of the featured athletes for "live" web
coverage of the race by this company called Quokka. Dunno why they picked
me, but I thought "what the hell," so now you can follow me during the
race. There are some journal entries posted on the site now.

The site is rather bandwidth intensive, and it works a lot better if you
have a version 4 browser, but there is a lot of stuff there.

Have a look at http://mds.quokka.com/ and follow the "competitor's" link
and look for my name.

-Brick Robbins
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