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Re: [pct-l] Guidebook updates

Brett Tucker wrote:

> This subject has probably already been hacked out without my realizing, but
> will there be (is there) an update on the guidebooks for '99? Specifically,
> I'm wondering about the California volume.
> If not, then I seem to recall one of the guidebook authors posting an update
> for '98 online, prior to last year's hiking season. Getting ahold of this
> info might be helpful. The best I have is an update for '97, the leaflet
> that came with my California guide. This recent talk of detours in sections
> this and that has gotten me to thinking...
> Any help would be great,
> - Blister

I called Wilderness Press about 3 weeks ago, and they sent me a 1998 update for
California.  It is my understanding that that is the latest CA update, and that
1997 is the latest update for Vol. 2

    Allen Downs

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