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RE: [pct-l] Alcohol Stoves

John Thoreson wrote:

I recently used some gas line anitfreeze for fuel in my alcohol stove and
like it much more than using denatured alcohol.  The main reason is that
the gas line anitfreeze burns clean (ie no soot) unlike denatured
alcohol.  Also, there seems to be less flames coming up the side of my
cooking pot looking to singe my forearms while I'm stirring my pasta
around.  The boil times also seem to be about the same too at ~4 to 5 min
for 2 cups of cold water.

I've heard several people mention alernative fuels for their alcohol stoves.
Just keep in mind that industrial products (solvents, antifreeze, etc.)
*may* have various exotic chemicals and additives.  Those chemicals may be
present in the fumes given off by the stove - and you DO NOT want to be
breathing them.  Most industrial products like those mentioned were never
intended to be burned, so there's no telling what may be in them or what
they might do to you.

I can't speak for or against any particular product that's been mentioned
here, but give careful consideration to what you're burning and whether it
may be bad for your health.

Eric Lee
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