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[pct-l] Filters

I agree that the pur filters appear to look stronger that the sweetwater
filters. The sweetwater guardian will filter water better than the pur because
of pore sizes .2 for sweetwater vs .3 for pur . ( prefilter also has smaller
holes 75 microns to 85 micron size of pur and sweetwater is easy to brush
filter clean when starting to plug up. The pump handle can break if  you get
in a hurry and try to horse it. ( pur has a more fool proof pump handle though
harder to pump.)  As you guessed, I have a sweetwater which qualifies me to
make these biases statements. ( Clinton uses a Pur )P.S.  I too almost quit
this list because of foul lanquage and flame wars. I wish everyone could just
get along. ( Or think and hike just as I do )  Dave Long of Seattle, I live in
Olympia, come down and I will share my wealth of hiking knowledge with you
before your upcoming PCT hike.  ( Being serious for a change, Karen Elder was
right, some things that sound like flame wars are just tongue in cheek little
digs, no big deal. We all are a little loyal to what works or worked for each
of us on this trail whether its equipment or hiking styles. It,s hard to not
talk highly of some tent , stove or pack you,ve had for 2,500 miles. Many
packs outlast your spouse, girl friend, boyfriend or whatever.  Thing is
,people get attached to their stuff. 
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