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[pct-l] re: money orders from PO

joanne wrote:

>>>   They tell that  I can pay for stamps and for postage with a credit
card, but to get a money order I need cash or a debit card.   <<<

i believe this is true.  i purchased some photon microlites with a money
order, and i paid with my *visa/debit* card.  i said to the clerk something
like "doesn't matter if it's credit or debit" and she said something back
like "it matters to me."  

you CANNOT pay for a money order with a CREDIT card.  you CAN use a
DEBIT/ATM card.  many cards now are CREDIT/DEBIT cards, and the post office
will just use the debit option for money orders.

ke kaahawe, AT92  TYT94  PCT99!
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