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[pct-l] Attention '99 Hopefuls-One month to go!

As previously announced the Annual Day Zero PCT Kickoff [ADZPCTKO] is scheduled
for April 17, 1999 in Lake Morena Campground. We will have free food and drink
for everybody who shows up.

1-Money-If you are a 99 PCT hopeful for all or part of the trail, you CAN NOT
contribute any money for this event or for the water stashed on the trail. This
is so that people on a tight budget won't feel bad about not contributing.
However, if you are NOT a 99 hopeful you may contribute if you want to but you
are not required to. Come and enjoy a good time and wish our April '99 hopefuls
a good start.

2-Ride to Campo-The team will try to get everyone who needs a ride to Campo to
the right spot at the right time. It is 20+ miles from Campo to Lake Morena.
However, to those starting later in April or early May, we will extend the same
help. If you fly into LA we will get you to Campo.

3-Time to leave-The best two-day hike is to leave Friday 4/15 and hike as far as
you want, then finsih the 20+ miles the next day. An alternate plan is to hike
the short section between Campo and the road on Friday, then sleep at Lake
Morena. Saturday AM you dayhike [no pack] the 18 miles to Lake Morena. This
avoids camping on the extreme southern end of the trail that some say is

4-Water on the Trail-We will stash water at Scissors Crossing. This is an easy
resupply. The water will be obvious. If we can't get the water turned on at the
campground and at Pioneer Mail picnic area, we will stash water.

We also plan to stash water in Upper Chariot Canyon. This water will be well
hidden and very difficult to find unless you know where to look. This water is
ONLY FOR THOSE WHO REQUEST IT. We will stash the water on Saturday, April 17. To
find the location of this water you will need to come to the ADZPCTKO on April
17 or to contact one of the team for the location after the seventeenth.

5-We need a count for those who REQUEST water in Chariot Canyon.

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