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[pct-l] Roster and links

Am noticing that I'm hearing from a number of people who are making
final changes or departure dates, etc. Let me know if you have changed
or finalized your plans. Also if you've developed a web site to track
your journey, please send me the URL and I'll add it to the roster.

I have a page on my PCT site that is about the experiences of others on
the trail. I will link to the URL's of anyone who'd like to be there,
and it will also be a place for you to place an occasional update as
your journey continues. This isn't a place for detailed journals but I
do want to offer you a place to share the best view, or what has touched
your heart the most or greetings to people, or whatever. Contact me if
you're interested, and I'll fill you in on the details of how it will
work (which are still in development :-))

32 days and counting eagerly!

Namaste, m
Margo Chisholm
The Freedom Coach
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"Challenge your most cherished assumptions."
-- Unknown

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