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[pct-l] Jim Everette

Attention Class of '97 and anyone else who knew Jim Everette.

I got in touch with Lee Terkelson, the Editor of the PCTA 
Cmmunicator, about having an article about Jim put in the 
next Communicator.  Lee said they would be happy to print an 
article dedicated to Jim Everette --- butttt -- 
they need it yesterday!  The next Communicator articles must 
be to him by next week so they can go to printing.  This post 
is an "all points bulletin," for those of you who would like 
to contribute a SHORT thought or msg regarding Jim.  Please 
send an e-mail to me and I will then put it together and send 
to Lee. Please contact anyone you know who might want to be 
part of this,  Jim was a wonderful inspiration to all of us.

I will work on the article this week-end and try to get it 
off to Lee ASAP. If, by some chance, you aren't able to get 
back with me in time, I know it is very short notice, just 
send what you want to say directly to Lee.  I haven't been 
able to get any phone numbers or addresses for Jim's 
daughters -- any suggestions? 

Hope to hear from you ASAP --

Happy Trails Couple -- Love -- Pat

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