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RE: [pct-l] Water AvailabilityGreetings,

I'm going to be thru-hiking starting May 1 and also am curious about the
water situation.

You said to get information from people ahead of you, but I see a problem
with that:  you won't be able to read their trail register information until
*after* they've hiked the section of trail you're concerned about  (unless,
of course, you're hiking in the opposite direction).  So how can I gather
relevant trail information from earlier through-hikers *before* I get stuck
50 miles from a water source?

David Long
Seattle, WA
PCT'99 hopeful

-----Original Message-----

When are you planning to leave Campo? The best information is from someone
of you. The last person who hiked this section reported plenty of water now
an unusually dry year.

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