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Re: [pct-l] opinions please

reynolds@ilan.com wrote:

> Why is the Pur better than the Guardian? [This is not a retorical question. I
> have use first a First Need and lately a  MSR and just purchased a Guardian
> because I thought the Guardian was the consensus choice of the list]

I wouldn't know about a concensus, I purchased the Pur Pioneer for it's light
weight, cheap filters (I've professed my pikerdom before), and the fact that at
the time it was on a closeout sale for approx. $15.  Previously I've used my Pur
Hiker, which was purchased when my first generation First Need crapped out.  What
can I say, I like Pur...it's worked for me.  If I were to change, it would
probably be to chemicals.

Jeff E

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