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[pct-l] Non Post office Resupplys S. of Mojave

I just checked the two non post office resupply points that I plan to use
South of Mojave.

Kamp Anza is still accepting and holding packages, and they are still at
the same address and zip code, she says that it should be c/o the Office,
Space 100.( not 19)

The Century 21 office in Agua Dulce is no longer holding packages for PCT
hikers.  The man thought that the Market was doing this but did not really
know and did not know the name or address of market, only that it was in
Agua Dulce.  Anybody out there have some experience with Agua Dulce, (There
are no yellow pages in directory asisstance).  Any suggestions ?

I know that UPS is very finicky about having an address:  We pick our UPS
parcels up at the Concrete Hardware store.  Recently, Skagit County went
into a different street numbering system( we were changed twice, and it is
for the fireman).  Concrete is a small berg of 700 souls and dwindling,
there is not another hardware store for fifty miles,  Main street is well
the main street, the same guy delivers packages to the hardware store
often, but you guessed it:  not the right address, no delivery.

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